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The best-selling model HD681 EVO is a high quality headset with rich bass, crystal clear high resolution and accurate sound field positioning. Now the new HD681 EVO upgraded version has a completely new, more slender shape and an improved smoother, more neutral, treble tone. The HD681 EVO easily meets the requirements of stage and studio professionals for a high-quality sound in monitoring headphones.

The Superlux HD-681 EVO is a pioneer in the world of audio quality.  This headphones had a distinct V shaped sound signature, and is intended mainly for listeners of modern genres, such as hip-hop, rock and pop. Older genres such as classical and jazz will not sound near their full quality with these headphones. The Superlux HD-681 EVOs are a worthy replacement to its predecessor, the Superlux 681 (older version) in both sound quality and aesthetics. The improvement in sound quality is mainly present in the treble, where the long hated sibilance has subsided. In addition, the improved aesthetics only make the headphone a more valuable asset. The overall sound is darker and v shaped, comparative to my Sennheiser momentums and TDK 700s. These headphones have received universal acclaim across multiple forums and sites, for it sound quality, and cheap price.

This review consists of: Specifications, Highs, Mids, Lows, Build/Comfort, and a Conclusion


Weight                           276 g

Driver Size                    50 mm

Frequency Response   10 – 30000 Hz

Magnet                         ferrite

Sensitivity                     98 dB

Impedance                    32 Ohms

Connectivity type          wired

Type                             Semi-Open, Over ear


The highs on the the HD-681 EVOs are vastly improved from the older superlux models of the 681. The old sibilance that caused ear fatigue are now gone. I found the highs to be very decent for the price. It is drastically better than other 40 sony or phillip models. Against the TDK 700, the EVO’s highs wins by just a slim margin. It even manages to hold its own against other higher priced headphones, including the Audio Technica ATH-m50s and Sennheiser Momentums.


One of the best aspects of these headphones are its lows. The lows make up indefinitely for the mids of the headphones. I found the lows to be very smooth, with deep extension. While they do not muddle the mids like the ATH m50s do, they are reasonably well balanced with decent slam. Songs like Animals by Maroon 5, Centuries by Fall out boy and electronic mixes such as

Back on Track sound stunning. While it lacks the speed of the ATH m50s, and the detail of my sennheiser 598s. Highly recommended for its price.


Inside the box, the Superlux HD 681 EVOs comes with two cables, a 1/4 inch audio jack adapter, and two sets of earpads, one of which is constructed of synthetic pleather. the other is fabricated of velour. I used the velour earpads on the headphones, as it proved to be more comfortable. The headphones are constructed of a durable plastic, and do not feel as if they would damage easily. The cable however, is abysmal in quality, and I would recommend replacing it with any other female to male adapter on Amazon. Luckily, the design of the headphone allows you to plug in a Bluetooth adapter for wireless listening. Because there is a 2 inch male cable that connects to the other two cables, any sort of lightweight Bluetooth adapter (OST Bluetooth adapt) will be able to plug in, and give you wireless audio. A very handy trick.

As for comfort, the headphones were decently comfort. The earpads pressed on the top and bottom of my ears, and I could wear it an hour at most. However, compared to other budget headphones of the same price, it is one of the more comfortable headphones i could wear.


The Superlux HD 681 EVOs is a dramatic improvement to its predecessor, the Superlux 681s. I regard it as one of the best headphone in sound quality and build that one can find for its price range, and would recommend it to others. The Highs and Bass make up for its lacking mids, and its wide range of accessories only make it more desirable.



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