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“Working in the daytime and exercise in the nighttime” is the common pattern of modern busy people. Therefore, earphones that are easy to match clothes and fulfill the sports need is NuForce’s design concept for the BE Sport4. With a wide variety of lightweight accessories, the BE Sport4 will become the first choice of working people who exercise after work.

The driver membrane of BE Sport 4 is made of graphene, a futuristic material according to scientists, to make Hi-Res sound quality a reality. The exclusive NUFit sports design and a cavity with a special hand feel, the BE Sport4 upgrades wearability and sound quality. Together with the SpinFit TwinBlade® double-layer ear tips with 360° rotation, the BE Sport4 perfectly fits with the ear canal to enhance noise cancellation. With the IPX5-compliant water/perspiration resistance tailored for sports use, the BE Sport4 allows 2 hours of continuous play after charging for just 15 minutes. Users who don’t charge earphone regularly will not need to worry about battery level when exercising out of impulse.

BE Sport4

Graphene Hi-Res

Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Graphene Features

Graphene is so far the world’s thinnest and hardest nano-material (1nm= 10-9m) with the lowest impedance. The thickness of 200,000 graphene membranes equals that of one piece of hair.

At the same area (1m²)

Graphene weighs 1,000 times lighter than a piece of paper

200 times harder than steel

10 times better conductivity than copper

Run along with the rhythm while listening to high-end sound.

6mm Graphene Driver Diaphragm

Compared to traditional driver diaphragms which require more power to drive, graphene diaphragm with a lighter weight can return to the original position more quickly for designer to nearly omit its need for energy consumption.

AAC/aptX Decoding

With either the iOS or Android platform, BE Sport4 supports Hi-Res decoding.

Exercise at Will: Let’s Go!

Super long battery life up to 10 hours

no need to charge for one week for exercising one hour daily.

Quick charge design requires only 15

minute charging for two hours of continuous music playing. Exercise at will? Let’s go now and leave battery worries behind.

Fit for Sports

UFit is NuForce’s total solution designed for fit, fashion, and conformity.

SpinFit TwinBlade®

Comprehensive accessories

Cut front cavity tube

IPX5 water/perspiration resistance

Robust earphone cable

SpinFit TwinBlade®
Layer Ear Tips

Professional ear tip brand SpinFit has specifically designed the SpinFit TwinBlade® Double-Layer Ear Tips featuring a 360° rotary buffering structure for BE Sport series to fit the human ear canal, prevent falling out, reduce foreign-object feeling, and enhance noise cancellation to present delicate treble and deep, shaking bass.

Accessory Diversity

For consumers to match the BE Sport4 with their working clothes more easily and mark out their personal styles while exercising, a wide variety of lightweight ear supports with and ear tips of different sizes are designed for consumers to match the BE Sport4 with their clothes to turn the BE Sport4 into a fashion statement.

Silver White

Carbon Black

Sports Earphone Case

Water-repellent diving suite materials for easy carrying and protection of earphones.

Mountaineering hooks for hanging on backpacks or sports gear during exercise.

Cut Front Cavity Tube

Extend the cut front cavity tube design of the BE Sport3 for optimal fit.

Robust earphone cable

DuPont Kevlar bulletproof fiber

Made with DuPont Kevlar bulletproof fiber to enhance cable strength.

Cable Tensile and Swing Tests

Each BE Sport4 must pass demanding product tests before shipping.

Tensile test: 3kg vertical (at 90°), five second each cycle, totally five cycles.
Swing test: 200g weight.
swing amplitude: ±90°.
speed: 30 cycles/min (swing for ±90° each cycle).

Aluminum Texture
for Each Matching

In addition to looking good, the aluminum cavity is easy to match with clothes. The smooth CNC square cut makes it easy to wear and to identify the pairing direction. Each slip ear supports.

IPX5 Water/Perspiration Resistance

Enjoy exercise and forget about perspiration with IPX5.

Magnetic Button

A magnetic button is designed at the tail for users to wear on the neck when jogging, firm and reliable.

Built-in Microphone

Answer calls and activate voice assistants: Users can answer any incoming calls during exercise.


Cable length58 ± 2cm
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver sizeΦ6mm
Microphone sensitivity-42dB ± 3dB
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity92dB ± 3dB
Bluetooth typeV4.1
Bluetooth profileHSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4,
aptX, AAC, SBC
Battery type3.7V/75mAh Lithium-ion battery*2
Battery life10 hours (depending on the actual condition of use)
Charting timeA battery life of 2 hours after charging for 15 minutes.
Weight (kg)15.5g (net weight)


+ One set of SpinFit CP230 ear tips (M)
+ 3 sets of silicone ear tips (S/M/L)
+ 9 sets of ear hook (three colors, No.0, No.1, No.2)
+ Case
+ USB charging cable
+ Cable hook




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