FiiO M3K HiFi Metal Shell MP3 Player with Digital Voice Recorder,24 Hours Playback and Expandable Up to 512GB with Independent Lock & Volume Control

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  • 【Affordable Musical Bliss】The M3K is powered by the powerful Ingenic X1000E processor and well-received DAC AKM AK4376A, which ensures you get a smooth, yet long-lasting experience without breaking the bank.
  • 【24 hours battery life and 38 days standby time】 The M3K has a battery life up to 24 hours and standby time up to 38 days. That means if you listen 3.5 hours every day, the M3K can go for a whopping 1 week before needing to be charged again!
  • 【Asynchronous USB DAC function】No other player in the M3K’s segment can be used as a USB DAC. It allows you to enjoy up to 192kHz/24 bit audio!
  • 【Up to 2TB of storage expansion】The M3K supports micro-SD cards for storage expansion, up to a massive 2TB! (When they become available.) You no longer need to worry about what music to take with you – simply just take everything!
  • 【There are too many features to like about FiiO M3K】High-fidelity recording and playback + All-new AB functionality + Master of decoding +Rapid file transfers through OTG + Shiny new capacitive touch buttons+Thoroughly modern, cool UI + Tailor your music with the graphic equalizer + Hi-Res Audio certified

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FAQ- Technical support for M3K

1. How to upgrade the M3K?

A:Incorrect operation might lead to system crash! Please read carefully before upgrading.

Using Micro SD card to update: Copy the M3K.fw file to the root directory of the micro SD card (FAT32 format recommended). Insert the micro SD card into M3K and hold the volume “+” and power button at the same time until the micro SD card upgrade dialogue pops up then the upgrading will begin. It will automatically reboot when the update finishes.

* Do not rename the firmware file.

* Do not create a new folder to store the firmware file, and please just copy the M3K.fw file to the root directory of your micro SD card.

2. Does M3K have internal storage? What’s the micro SD card capacity it could support?

A: M3K doesn’t have internal storage, and support one micro SD card expansion of up to 400GB. Theoretically it could support up to 2TB.

3. How many output modes does it support?

A: M3K only supports headphone output.  While the line out/Coaxial out/Balacned/Bluetooth/Optical/USB audio output are not supported.

Note: the M3K can work as a DAC for the computer when connecting with the computer by USB connection.

4. Does M3K support OTG function?

A: M3K’s input mode only supports TF reading (one song is embedded in the machine).  Other USB DAC, USB OTG, and headphone remote control are all not supported.

5. Regarding the M3k ‘s working status indicator light

A:The front panel of M3K supports touch screen. There are indicators on the corresponding touch button position. The button light will be on and off following with the status of the Display brightness.

Please try to upgrade your M3K to at least FW1.2.1, then you could turn off the Button light or adjust the its brightness through “System settings ->Button light“.



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