Acoustics Energy Aego M 2.1 Desktop Speakers

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Personal audio doesn’t have to be just personal anymore. The Aego M music system brings large-scale high fidelity sound to MP3 players, PC’s, Macs, Phones and even hand held game devices with complete plug & play simplicity.

With just one cable the Aego M turns any personal music device into the heart of a home entertainment system. In the living room, the bedroom, away at college or simply for a spontaneous party – the Aego M delivers a big sound from a tiny package.

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
For: “Looks great, works superbly; real power and good integration make the Aego M one of the best-sounding speaker systems in its class.”
Against: “Nada”

“Is it possible to get a decent desktop speaker set-up for £150 or less? The answer is an emphatic yes – and the Acoustic Energy Aego M proves it.”

HiFi Wigwam
“Put simply, this is the grooviest, toe-tappiest desktop speaker system you will clap your ears on. I bloomin’ love it.”




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